Agricultural Contracting

We are able to offer any agricultural services with a full range of equipment to either perform a specialist task or take away the burden from you throughout the year with wheeled or tracked tractors. In particular our Caterpillar tractors offer less ground compaction, better traction and a deeper treatment for tasks such mole-draining, level lifting or busting. Modern one-pass equipment merely scratches the surface and cannot reinforce the level of drainage that sub-soiling or mole-draining offer. A short list of the services we offer comprise the following;

  • Mole-draining
  • Busting
  • Sub-soiling
  • Ploughing
  • Power Harrowing
  • Rolling
  • Ditching works (cutting new and cleaning existing)
  • Reservoir construction
  • Pipe laying
  • Tree and orchard removal to create fresh, workable land.
  • Quad bike work